D.L. Hughley Says He Will “Never Forgive” Mo’Nique

Lyndon Abioye |

D.L. Hughley visited The Jason Lee Show where he talked about his beef with Mo’Nique.

Mo’Nique reignited the beef during her Club Shay Shay interview where she spoke about her fallout with Hughley. Mo’Nique claims she was booked to headline a comedy show in Detroit, but Hughley performed in the headliner slot instead.

Mo’Nique also publicly made claims about Hughley’s daughter. She alleged Hughley did not protect his daughter after she had been s*xually assaulted.

“I don’t ever need to be in her space,” he said. “The fact that my daughter looks at me a different way because of what happened, and I’m not saying I shouldn’t have said it, I’m not owning that, but that you took it out for so trivial a thing. It is like burning down a house because it had roaches. I’ll never f-cking forgive you for that, but I don’t have to because I don’t have to be in your space. I will never say yes to you again in any circumstance, never.”

Hughley says his daughter has not spoken to him in weeks.

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