Crystal Kung-Minkoff Thinks Lisa Rinna WILL Return To ‘RHOBH’

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Crystal Kung-Minkoff thinks Lisa Rinna will return to RHOBH next season even though Kathy Hilton threatened to walk if she does and the fans want her off the show.

“Yeah, I think so,” Crystal said when asked by E! News if Lisa would return. “I go about it every day. I’m always like, ‘Oh, I wonder if they’re coming back?’ I mean, everyone has reasons to [come back] or reasons not to.”

“I understand the need to get the truth out, but I don’t take it personally,” she said about how the reunion unfolded. “I’m just going to speak however I feel about it, and I hope that people respect that.”

In the final part of the reunion, Lisa stood by her claims of Kathy Hilton’s alleged meltdown.

“We get in the sprinter van first. So really, where it started, was in the sprinter van,” Lisa said. “Kathy’s meltdown. Kathy’s screaming and yelling and venting and saying things that I have never heard in my life.”

“I felt that I could talk to you. And halfway through it, do you recall saying to me, ‘I get it, I get it, you’re preaching to the choir.’ Do you remember those words?'” Kathy asked. Lisa said she did remember it going “exactly” like that.

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