Creed Actor Jonathan Majors Arrested For Beating His WHITE GF … After Allegedly Caught Cheating w/ A Sista!!

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UPDATE: Jonathan’s lawyer claims that the alleged victim has ”recanted” her statement. The attorney also claims that Jonathan has witnesses (including the cab driver) who will testify that the actor is innocent. She also suggested that the injuries to the alleged victim were caused by herself, during an ”emotional breakdown.”

Despite all this, Jonathan was arrested and released without bail. Charges from the district attorney are pending.

ORIGINAL: Jonathan Major is one of the biggest African American actors in the world. He stars in Marvel’s Ant Man and Creed, two of the biggest films of the year.

Well Media Take Out confirmed that Jonathan was arrested yesterday, after his Caucasian girlfriend called the cops on him, and accused the actor of beating her.

And the details surrounding the alleged assault are pretty crazy.

According to TMZ, police were called by Jonathan Majors’ girlfriend — and, according to her, they got into an argument while in a taxi returning home from a bar in Brooklyn.

Jonathan’s girlfriend told police that she believed that she saw Jonathan texting another woman – who is described by the media as “Black.”

And Jonathan’s longtime girlfriend, who is White, confronted him –and tried to look at his phone.

Jonathan – who is built like a roided out NFL player – allegedly grabbed his bae’s hand and allegedly slapped her.

The alleged victim also claims he put his hands around her neck and tried to strangle her.

Police report that Jonathan’s girlfriend had visible injuries as well — including a laceration behind her ear, redness and marks to her face. She was taken to an area hospital and is in stable condition.

After the attack, Jonathan dropped his girlfriend off at their shared NY apartment, and left the scene. The woman called the police this morning, after she was taken to the hospital for her injuries.

It’s a wrap for Jonathan.

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