Court Filing For Mos Def To Fork Over Erykah Badu Tour Money!

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According to court documents, “conscious rapper” Mos Def now known as Yasiin Bey owes one of his baby’s mothers, Karima Sorel, nearly $90,000 for back child support and attorney’s fees.

Apparently, he has been in court with Sorel for years over child support. According to Sorel, Bey also known as Mos Def refuses to pay child support and owes her tens of thousands of dollars for attorney’s fees. He also reportedly has six children by four different women.

Bey is scheduled to open for Erykah Badu on June 11th in San Antonio, Texas and for all 25 of her tour dates which should bring in a nice pay check for him, but Sorel wants this money to satisfy his debt.

According to court docs, Bey was required to pay for Sorel’s attorney’s fees back March 2020 by Brooklyn Family Court judge based on of his “persistent refusal to pay child support.” Based on court filingsBey, has still not paid either attorney’s fees or child support.

According to reports, Karima Sorel, who lives in Paris does not know where the rapper lives and has no address for him. So she is going to straight to Live Nation, Ticketmaster, Outback Presents LLC, and BaduWorld Inc to collect on his debt.

In her court filings she is asking the judge to enforce the judgement from Brooklyn Family Court against Bey and require the companies to turn over his payment to her to satisfy his debt.

If Sorel succeeds, she could set a new precedent for other baby’s mothers of artists who are not receiving child support. Get the tour money!

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