Cops Sue Afroman For ‘Emotional Distress’ After He Shared Images Of Home Raid

Iyanna Muhammad |

Police officers that raided rapper Afroman’s home last year have filed a lawsuit against him for invasion of privacy and emotional distress after he posted footage of the raid in his music videos.

Police officers Shawn D Cooley, Justin Cooley, Michael D Estep, Shawn D, Grooms, Brian Newland, Lisa Phillips, and Randolph L Walters, Jr, filed the lawsuit in Adams county, Ohio.

They claim he used the officers’ images and likenesses for commercial purposes.

According to court documents, the police officers conducted a search of Afroman’s residence last August, “pursuant to a lawfully issued search warrant,” in connection to an investigation into drug possession and trafficking, as well as kidnapping. The evidence did not suggest that Afroman is involved in any of those crimes.

The officers claim they have received death threats since Afroman’s social media posts and have been unable to perform their duties properly.

“As a result of Defendants’ actions, Plaintiffs have suffered damages, including all profits derived from and attributable to Defendants’ unauthorized use of Plaintiffs’ personas, and have suffered humiliation, ridicule, mental distress, embarrassment, and loss of reputation,” the lawsuit said.

They are each suing for $25,000 per four counts.

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