Cop Explains How Keefe D May Be Connected To 2Pac’s Killing

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Chris Carroll, a retired Metro Police Lieutenant and the first officer on the scene of Tupac Shakur’s killing in Las Vegas on September 7, 1996, sat down with The Art of Dialogue to speak about the incident.

Keefe D is reportedly under investigation for his connection to the murder and Caroll explains why.

“This guy, Keefe D, has been shooting his mouth off for a couple of years now, openly telling everybody that he’s part of the murder. He says he handed Orlando Anderson [his nephew] the gun and Orlando Anderson is the shooter, and shot 2Pac. He openly is saying, ‘I handed him the gun’…well, that makes him part of this murder,” he said.

Caroll added another shocking piece of information.

He added: “I’ve heard rumors that he even had sold some items that he told people, y’know, were there that night. Whether that’s BS or not, I don’t know, but to think that not only is he admitting to being part of a murder but now he’s going to profit from the whole deal?”

Will the cops finally solve the case?

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