Conway The Machine Blasts DJ Funk Flex

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Conway The Machine put DJ Funk Flex and other New York DJs on blast for being “gatekeepers.”

“New York, in my opinion, man you gotta get them old n-ggas up out the way like Flex and them n-ggas man. You know what I mean? Them gatekeepers that you got up there man that’s trying to dictate like who, you know what I’m saying? Like c’mon bruh. Good thing I don’t need y’all n-ggas cause if I needed y’all n-ggas y’all n-ggas would be fake stifling my groove,” he said on Instagram Live.

The rapper then blasted DJ Suss One.

“Y’all don’t play my sh-t. Suss One you got on Wendy William’s show on primetime TV n-gga and said what you said. Flex, every chance you get you said that you gotta stand on that. We gotta get rid of y’all n-ggas man. Let some new, young, tapped in, really tapped in with the streets ass n-ggas be the DJ’s and run that sh-t up there at Hot 97 n-gga and all that sh-t,” he continued.

“You weirdo DJ n-ggas think that you run New York n-gga. Y’all is lame clowns. I hate muthaf-ckin’ the media. I hate you DJ n-ggas. Not all of ’em. Just some of y’all n-ggas in New York City, man. Y’all n-ggas just be doing weirdo sh-t bruh…like for real y’all gotta move out the way man.”

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