Consequence Goes Off On Kanye West…”You Owe Us An Apology!!”

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Rapper Consequence posted a message calling out Kanye West after the Yeezy boss claimed he was alone in a recent rant.

Ye is currently promoting his YZY Pods, a pair of black socks with a thin sole at the bottom, being presold for $200.

Ye’s team asked Cons to post the promo video for support.

“I’m posting this clip of the YZY Pods because I was asked to by a staff member but I have to get something off my chest regardless of the consequences…,” he wrote. “I have always lent my love, support and expertise to YE since ConMan Productions circa 2002. So @kanyewest NEVER again say in public or to others in private that you are ALONE. That’s the biggest SLAP IN THE FACE you could give to your TEAM.”

He continued, “Guys like me, Don C, Monop, GL, Doe,IBN,Arrow and even Virgil (RIP) have given you big portions of our Adult lives so that we could all be ‘The Bulls.’ But we didn’t help you become Jordan so you could turn into Jerry Krause and start playing 3D Musical chairs wit da bros!!! You can be the one with the Money. And even the Power. But I will always need my RESPECT. If you can apologize to the Jewish community in Hebrew. Then maybe you should apologize to a few of your guys in English. Love you bro. But This Is 192.”

Should Ye apologize?

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