Consequence Claims Kid Cudi Disrespected Drake!!

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Consequence claims that during one of Kanye West’s birthdays, Kid Cudi and Drake came face to face and Cudi was not very welcoming to Drizzy.

“I’m in the middle of [Drake and Cudi]. Drake is like, ‘Yo, it’s just a pleasure to be around y’all. I appreciate y’all embracing me. I grew up watching all y’all’s videos. It’s like a dream come true.’ [Kid] Cudi] right here like, ‘F-ck that n-gga. He’s p-ssy, yo. Why he even here? F-ck wrong with this n-gga? Get this n-gga the f-ck outta here. He so f-cking corny.’ So, there’s been animosity, envy for years.”

He continued: “It just really crazy how it manifested over the years. That was like the beginning of it. When I seen Cudi and Drake in the ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ video, I was like, what I’m a do? Call Drake and be like, ‘Yo, you know he don’t really f-ck with you like that?’ But he really don’t f-ck with you like that.”

Consequence said things like this happen all the times behind the scenes in hip hop.

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