Common Defends Drake After Mos Def Shade

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Common is defending Drake after Mos Def claimed that Drake is not hip-hop, that he is pop.

“I wrote a song called ‘Used to Love Her’ and that joint was really speaking to that to a certain degree. At that time, when [hip-hop] started becoming real corporate, losing the purity of it. I think now, artists can be artists,” he said.

Common continued, “Some people in life, their intention is to just be the pop artist then so be it. To me, I think Drake comes from hip-hop. When I first heard him rhyming, I was like, ‘Yo, this dude rhyming.’ And if he goes out and makes songs that are popular, that’s what it is. It’s pop artists that they have a hit and it’s gone and you forget, ‘Oh, who was that?’ But I mean, this man has touched different aspects of culture and been able to continue to do it so you gotta have some respect and know that yo, this dude is a very talented artist.”

Common also praised Mos Def, calling him a “genius.”

Is Drake Hip-Hop or is he pop?

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