Comedian Molly Shannon Alleges She Was Sexually Harassed By Gary Coleman!!

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Comedian Molly Shannon is claiming she was once sexually harassed by Gary Coleman.

The comedian alleges she and Coleman met for tea with their agent at the Plaza. Coleman allegedly invited her up to his hotel suite.

“And I was a virgin so I wasn’t even thinking about that,” Shannon said on “The Howard Stern Show.” “He held my hand I was like, ‘He’s so cute!’ He had his suit on. He told me I reminded him of Kimberly from ‘Diff’rent Strokes.’ And Mark came up with us too, and they had the presidential suite, and we went into the room and Mark disappeared.”

She continued, “I think he was like, ‘sit down!’ It was very sweet. Then he’s like tickling me a little and things like that. I was like, ‘Gary, stop!’ I was trying to be polite and stop. I’m a polite Catholic girl and a virgin. I’m naive about anything about that!” she said.

She says the actor was grabbing her ankles and bouncing on the bed to try and land on top of her and that he kept trying to kiss her.

“And I was like, no, Gary, stop. So I pushed him off. Then I would get off the bed, then he would bounce on the bed, jump, jump, jump, and wrap himself around me and then I would like, fling him off. Then he got on top of me. I was like, ‘Gary, stop!’ I guess because of his size I didn’t feel physically threatened,” Shannon added.

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