Comedian Jess Hilarious Goes Viral … Defends ’Real Women’ … Says Trans Women Have Mental Illness!

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Comedian Jess Hilarious is going viral today, after she posted a video defending “real women,” and making some statements about trans-women – that will likely get her in trouble.

Jess Hilarious on The Breakfast Club

It all started, when a popular Black trans-activist created a video, where she blasting women for being so “arrogant” to believe that they own “periods” or “womanhood.”

The trans activist is upset that women are “gatekeeping” their periods, whatever that means. Listen:

Well this video seems to have triggered something in comedian Jess Hilarious. She went on a rant, blasting transgenders for trying to steal womanhood – especially from Black women.

Jess started off her video saying that she is standing up for “real” women, and called transgender women “delusional.” In a pretty long statement, Jess referred to disrespect that Black women face, as a result of the transgender movement.

She also claims that many in the trans community suffer from “mental illness.”

Here’s Jess’ reasoning:

Another popular blogger – and an enemy of Jess – came to her defense. Listen to Tasha K’s response:

Jess has millions of people supporting her point of view, but there are millions of people who don’t also.

What do you think about it all?

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