Comedian Faizon Love Roasts Aries Spears

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Comedian Faizon Love roasted Aries Spears over his comments about Lizzo’s shape.

“The comments in itself are stupid. I mean, Lizzo is a phenomenon and she’s really talented, and he’s not so talented. He’s got one gear. He’s a, ‘Yo, son.’ But if you know the story of Aries Spears; he’s the guy we saw on a Def Jam as a kid. He was 13, 14 years old. They flew him out to Hollywood, thinking he was going to be the next Eddie Murphy and ‘wamp, wamp.’ He was so angry,” he said on The Art of Dialogue.

“I was going to slap the sh-t out of him one time. Like this dumb muthaf-cka. At the comedy store, so many muthaf-ckas was gonna whoop his ass because he was this cocky kid. He would get deals — him and Dave Chappelle would get all these deals — South of Sunset was one of the shows, and they would go nowhere like ‘wamp, wamp.'”

Aries Spears is currently facing child abuse allegations over a skit between him and Tiffany Haddish involving small children.

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