Columbus Short Apologizes For Disrespecting Black Women!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Columbus Shorthas issued an apology after he was dragged online for his comments about dating Black and non-Black women during an interview on the Unqualified AF podcast.

“There is no respect of the man, the Black man, in that by a Black woman,” he said adding that his remarks applied to some Black women but not all of them.

Short says that non-Black women are taught things that some Black women and that other cultures are taught to be more “subservient” to their men.

“Don’t get it twisted, I know you know how to cuss a man out thoroughly, but as soon as you cussing him out, you still making dinner, you still washing his clothes, you still cleaning the house,” he said of non-Black women. “You’re not doing that with… this is my job. That’s just what you were trained to do.”

After getting dragged for filth, he quickly apologized.

“I realize that I seriously offended my Black women in a way that was not intended. That clip was taken out of context. I know that was clickbait,” he said.

“I should’ve been smarter and not fall into those traps. I was talking about the new generation and social media and the entitlement and how being raised by a single Black woman, as millions of others were, having an absentee father, forced Black moms to teach their young women ‘Be independent, you don’t need a man, you can do it on your own.’ Us being grown now, Black men, only knowing how to provide and protect. It was deeper than that answer and I am truly sorry if that offended anybody. I wish it was taken in context, but my opinion isn’t always necessary.”

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