Coi Leray Lookalike Goes VIRAL . . . After The ‘FAKE’ Coi Pranked Fans At The Mall!! (Watch)

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The new trend on social media is to pretend to be a famous rapper in order to create chaos in public spaces, Media Take Out has learned.

In recent months, Hip Hop has experienced an influx of lookalikes. We’ve seen them rack up followers, shut down malls, and be grabbed by strangers on the street who believe that they are truly the artists they portray.

A “fake” Drake hopped from one nightclub to the next in Miami and even was filmed rapping along to Drizzy lyrics while on stage. There’s a fake Kodak Black too who was captured attempting to fool the public. The popular Lil Durk lookalike “Perkio” also earned the opportunity to star in his music video.

Lil Durk

Coi Leray is the next on the list. Over on TikTok, a young lady and her friends decided to pull a “Coi Leray prank at mall,” or so they wrote over a video.

Details of what went down weren’t shared, but the woman was fitted in clothing similar to Leray’s style and as she made her way through the parking lot, she was flanked by several men dressed in security gear. After the video went viral on social media, many of their followers didn’t think the woman actually looked like Coi though.

What do you think, did she pull it off? Video is above.

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