Chuck D Slams Rappers Over 40 For “Meaningless Dark Energy” Raps!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Chuck D wants rappers over 40 to spread more positivity in their music instead of “meaningless dark energy.”

The Public Enemy member hopped on X to call out the older generation.

“If you over 40, and spitting meaningless dark energy in rap [then] you have to really think about what matters in the hip-hop foundation that birthed your chance at it,” he wrote.

He continued, “I didn’t say cease and desist. I said T H I N k ……. A over 40 mind should have a better ability to KNOW self and surroundings better. The ‘green’ days is greying…”

Chuck D did not name any names, but he is not the only rap veteran who says things need to change.

This week, Jermaine Dupri said hip-hop needs to be honest about the state that it’s in after Sexxy Red, one of the hottest artists out, is on pace to sell just 28,000 copies with her new album.

“In the era that I came in the music industry, if you sold 28,000 copies, you didn’t get no other chance to walk in the building again. N-ggas was not talking to you if you sold 28,000 records. It’s such a disconnect between people understanding the streaming situation and actually what you looking at,” he said.

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