Christian Toby Obumseli’s Old Tweets Surface . . . Bashed Black Women & Said ‘All Lives Matter’!!

Over the weekend Christian Toby Obumseli was killed during a dispute with his Blonde IG model girlfriend.

Well Media Take Out did a bit of digging and located a series of problematic tweets from Christian.

In old tweets shared from Christian’s Twitter account, he appears to call out black women, saying that “white ttties” are greater than “black ttties”. He made it clear that he ONLY dated White women – saying first that Black girls are “not his type.”

But it wasn’t just a preference towards White women, Christian seemed to have some type of animus towards Black women. In one tweet he wrote, “Black girls disgrace themselves on TV.” and in another he wrote, “I’m tired of these Black girls in my government class.”

Here are just some of the alleged tweets that he sent out:

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