Christian Keyes Denies Clearing Tyler Perry From Allegations …. ‘I Didn’t CLEAR Anyone’

Lyndon Abioye |

This week, fans believed Christian Keyes cleared Tyler Perry’s name after he appeared to “like” a tweet stating Perry could not have been the powerful Hollywood man he accused of sexually harassing him for years.

After multiple news headlines claimed he seemingly cleared Perry, he wrote, “Not accurate at all… I didn’t “clear” anyone.”

Separately, Keyes added that social media users have named the man in the comments.

Fans are getting tired of trying to guess as Keyes still refuses to name the man.

“Praying for his healing…but making this into a game called “Guess That Predator” takes the seriousness out of the matter,” one fan wrote.

“He’s really getting on my nerves with these media games, but I hope he gets justice and finds peace.” another commented.

Another fan wrote, “Everybody has said it except you. That’s why that lady cheated on you with the Jamaican man on Madea Goes To Jail.”

Fans want Keyes to name the man or to file his lawsuit.

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