Chrisean Rock Threatens To “Whoop” Jaidyn Alexis

Tiffany Brockworth |

Chrisean Rock denies that she’s trying to come between Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis and wants them to stop speaking about her.

“I could beat you to your house and whoop that bitch’s ass. Tell her to get up off her ass and go do something viral,” she said on Livestream.

Chrisean has claimed she and Blueface have been sleeping together even though he’s engaged to Jaidyn. Blueface denies her allegations.

“Make sure you post time and dates we want receipts not no coupons,” he wrote. “You got us hyped thinking you had some receipts an posted a coupon smh.”

Jason Lee asked Chrisean why her relationship with Blueface came to an end.

“He wanted a slave,” she explained. “We in a relationship and we loyal, okay we gon be both loyal? Okay, we’re in a relationship and [he] just want to cheat.”

Blueface accused Chrisean of using him for clout and of not being loyal.

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