Chrisean Rock Shows Pic Of Baby w/ Blueface … Fans ‘WORRIED’ He Has Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

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Chrisean Rock is going viral, after she posted a new picture of her adorable son Jonathan – and it ignited folks all over social media to speculate about the baby’s health.

Her’s the latest picture of Chrisean and the adorable little Jonathan.

Media Take Out learned that dozens of Tweeters have been suggesting for months that Jonathan may suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome. And before you ask …. NO these people making the “diagnosis” were not doctors.

But Twitter is not about FACTS or EVIDENCE … it’s just about saying whatever pops into your head.

One woman, claiming to have some form of expertise on the disorder, kicked off the speculation months ago, when she posted this:

Chrisean was forced to respond to the horrible speculation. She told her followers that doctors examined the baby, and never told her that he suffered from any such disorder.

Listen to Chrisean’s explanation:

Media Take Out searched through the hundreds of pregnancy videos that Chrisean posted online, and she was never seen drinking alcohol in any of them.

But we did manage to find a few videos, which suggested that she may have been smoking weed while pregnant.

Here’s video showing Chrisean appearing to smoke, while heavily pregnant:

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