Chrisean Rock Says She Wants A Baby ASAP With New Man!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Chrisean Rock’s son is just a few weeks old but the young mom says she’s ready to get pregnant again after finding the perfect man.

“So, I got this new n-gga, right? Let me talk about him. He’s just too good to be true. Like… he’s perfect. He don’t got social media. And if he do, he got a little Twitter. But he lowkey on there and don’t post. And then he made an Instagram to stalk me,” she said on Instagram Live.

“I made all these big ol’ plans because I really like him. He’s really sweet. But I’m just like, I wish I could show y’all what’s on my phone. Hold on. He’s so sweet y’all. He’s so nice to me. And respectful as f-ck,” she continued. “I must be a real toxic bitch because, what?….I was telling him I wanna have a baby ASAP. But then… oh my God, I wish I could tell y’all.”

Is it too soon for Chrisean to be trying for another baby?

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