Chrisean Rock Reveals How Much She Makes On Snapchat!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Chrisean Rock revealed to her fans how much she makes on Snapchat…and it’s a lot of coins.

“I make like roughly $22,000/$23,000 every four, five hours on Snapchat,” she told her fans. “That’s why you see all the celebrities back on Snapchat because they been paying us to get back on there because I guess Snapchat trying to not go out of business.”

Fans are not believing her claims because the math would add up to the rapper making $4 million a month.

“So, she’s making 23,000 every 4 hours but ain’t got a house after leaving the other? I don’t think she has money like she did . I think she blew through it,” somebody commented.

One viewer wrote, “So she making 460k a day on Snapchat I call cap ain’t no way 😭😭”

Some fans believe she may be telling the truth.

“She’s not lying Jayda recently started posting more on there and less on the gram; it makes sense,” another viewer wrote.

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