Chrisean Rock Responds To Speculation That Her Son Is Blind

Tiffany Brockworth |

Chrisean Rock has responded to rumors that her eight month old son Chrisean Jr. may be blind after a livestream of her eating with him sitting on her lap went viral.

In the clip, Chrisean is seen wolfing back food as her son sits on her lap, not making eye contact, not looking at the food and not trying to grab it.

“Everybody got something to say about a kid, my son,” she says in the clip.

Chrisean reportedly smoked and drank throughout her pregnancy with her son, and Chrisean’s fans have been speculating since his birth that he could be underdeveloped.

While he did have a hernia as a newborn, she says that there is nothing else wrong with her son.

“Chrisean Jesus Malone Jr. He’s straight, the f-ck? He’s a billion-dollar baby, so stay tuned. No he’s not blind, no he’s not r-tarded, he’s a f-cking child… My baby’s blessed from the head to his toe.”

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