Chrisean Rock How Much She Gets Paid For Social Media Posts

Lyndon Abioye |

Chrisean Rock isn’t hurting for cash and recently revealed how much she gets paid by companies who want her to advertise their products on her page.

Rock says she has a partnership with Fashion Nova, but says she doesn’t work with them too often as they demand too many posts.

“Fashion Nova’s a great brand. I love Fashion Nova. It’s just one thing about them, they asked [for] too many posts. Like, they want to over-saturate my page,” she explained.

I could have got $150k or $200,000 out of them, I got 125. Okay, that’s cool. For, like … what, two posts? Three posts? ‘Cause I post on my page 24 hours, 30,000 a pop, 25,000 a pop. Like, every time you see me do the little brand deals, or it’s me and Blue doing a recording, that sh-t was like, 25–30,000.”

Since Blueface has been in jail, Chrisean appears to be cleaning up her act. She has been working out every day and seems to have given up the drinking and smoking.

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