Chrisean Rock DRAGGED For Bizarre Israel-Palestine Remarks

Tiffany Brockworth |

Chrisean Rock was dragged online for weighing in on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Rock believes the war is about Palestinians not believing in Jese.

“They don’t believe in Jesus so that’s why it’s happening, right? Like, all of them people bowing down with their carpets that’s on the floor, they praying down to a God that said to worship his son, to accept his son first And then they making big palaces of it. Like, they really standing and sticking behind it. Like, they made laws about their religion,” said Rock.

She continued: “Where Jesus was born at, they over there believe in something that totally have nothing to do with him. ‘Cause I seen videos where they pray at, there’s cockroaches and infested with … so what is God trying to tell us? That’s what I want to know from this whole situation. What is the message behind the chaos? Things always happen for a reason … not the economic, political reason. What is the spiritual reason behind it?”

Fans could not believe Rock’s livestream and weighed in on her downplaying what many are calling a “genocide.”

“She really pisses me off with this and she’s gonna lose a lot of followers for this one. She has no idea what she’s even talking about. She literally literally just basically called them dirty. Like they’re suffering from a genocide right now and this is what you say to your 5 million followers ???? Not how about save Palestine?!” one fan wrote.

Another added, “Here she go….. more religion talk while she not abiding by not a word of it…. Then talking about Muslims… smh”

There is currently an arrest warrant out for Rock.

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