Chrisean Rock DESTROYS Youtuber Kai Cenat’s Home!!

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Chrisean Rock trended online again this week…this time for visiting Youtuber Kai Cenat’s home with her boyfriend Blueface and disrespecting his home.

The couple removed Kai from his seat by force so that Blueface could sit down. At at one point, Chrisean performs a wrestling move on one of Cenat’s friends. She is later seen throwing one of his chairs at a wall. When Cenat complains that she damaged his wall…Chrisean tells him “My bad. You rich, you can get it fixed.”

Cenat tries to explain to her that even though he can get it fixed, she was in his home but she didn’t seem to care.

Blueface recently posted $50,000 bail after being arrested for attempted murder. Cops say the rapper shot at a man outside of a Las Vegas club on Oct. 8 and video footage was released from the alleged shooting. Blueface now has to stay out of trouble as one of the conditions of his bail.

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