Chrisean Rock Arrested In Arizona After Fight w/ Blueface!!

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Chrisean Rock was arrested Monday after she got into a fight with her rapper boyfriend, Blueface.

In the video, Chrisean can be seen punching Blueface in the face at the bar in Arizona.

Well, her boyfriend Blueface denies the report and says she was arrested for trespassing.

“All y’all see is a 10-second clip on this muthaf-ckin’ app and y’all come up with all these theories and weirdo conversations. Let me break the news for you. Rock is in jail for trespassing. She’s not in jail for hitting me, touching me, anything that got to do with me,” he said on Live.

“We in the middle of the street, she take my phone and run into a closed bar. She take the phone and started running. I was like, ‘I’m not even going to chase after her.’ I tell the homie, ‘Hey, go get my phone, bro.”

Blueface alleges Chrisean assaulted him.

“I go into the closed bar. ‘Hey, we’re closed, you can’t be in here.’ I’m tellin’ her, ‘Come on let’s go.’ That’s why I’m grabbing her,” he says adding that she was under the table going through his phone and got angry at what she saw. She then hit him twice.

He said by the time he came out of the bathroom after going in to wipe off the blood, she was fighting with security.

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