Chrisean Rock Alleges Blueface BEAT Her While Dropping Off Son…

Lyndon Abioye |

Christian Rock hopped on Instagram Live to accuse Blueface of physically assaulting her when she was trying to drop off their son.

“…Socked my in my stomach, in my face, telling me to the get out the car. I didn’t get out the car ’cause I’m sitting here like… He must be drunk, so he’s feeling himself. But he literally socked me,” she told fans on Instagram Live.

“He’s punching me while I got my son in my hand, like He’s mad I’m going Live, I’m going Live,” Chrisean says turning the camera on Blueface. “Your hands is already bloody. Show them your bloody hands!”

At closer look, Blueface’s knuckles do appear to have blood on them. Rock tells her followers that she has called the cops to file a police report.

Rock says that Blueface asked her to come over and shared text exchanges between them as receipts.

Blueface is currently on probation. Is he going to jail for this?

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