Chris Rock SLAMMED For Throwing Shade At Kevin Hart’s Ex-Wife!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Last week, Kevin Hart received The John F. Kennedy Center Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, but fans are still reeling after Chris Rock’ roasted Hart by mentioning his ex-wife.

Rock started by saying that Jart has “that second wife happiness.”

“Ain’t nothing like that second wife happiness,” Rock continued. “They’re like, ‘We didn’t struggle at all!'”

The problem is, Hart’s daughter Heaven, 19, and son Hendrix, 16, his children from his first wife, were seated to the right of him and did not look happy about the joke.

Viewers chimed in.

“That was corny and his daughter face she wasn’t feeling it,” one viewer wrote.

“His older kids didn’t appreciate that dig at their mom. That wasn’t cool and for Kevin to laugh like that in front of them was wild,” another added.

Viewers also remined Rock that the last time he mentioned somebody’s wife, he was slapped on stage during the live Oscars awards show.

“So I guess Chris ain’t learn how to stop talking about peoples wives 😂 where is @willsmith when we need him 👀👀”

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