Chris Rock Blasts Jada Pinkett Smith IN Netflix Special … Calls Her ‘B***h’ … More Angry w/ Her Than WILL!!

Iyanna Muhammad |

Yesterday Chris Rock’s new Netflix special aired, which was Chris’ first public response after getting slapped at last year’s Oscars.

In short, the comedy special wasn’t very funny … it was “mid” at best. And Chris seemed to go out of his way to take the high road on Will, the man who slapped his face on national TV.

But Chris did have ire for one person …. Will’s wife Jada. Media Take Out confirmed that Chris called her a “B*tch”. And you can hear by the inflection in his voice when he said the word, that he really seemed to have some deep seeded hatred towards her.

Chris went out of his way to not bash Will Smith. In fact, he said during the special that he doesn’t want a public feud with Will Smith because “we shouldn’t fight in front of White people.”

But Chris didn’t mind fighting with Jada. In the special he blamed Will’s violent response, on his wife Jada.

And there’s more. The special was taped in Baltimore Maryland – Jada Pinkett’s home town. So do you think that was an accident?

Well Media Take Out did some calling around, and asked entertainment insiders how they think Will will feel about the comedy special.

One close associate of the Smith’s told Media Take Out, “Will is not going to like it. Chris has some kind of obsession with Jada …. He’s going to have to straighten Chris out again. This time it won’t be in front of the cameras.”

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