Chris Brown Yells At Staff After Getting Stuck Mid-Air During Concert

Lyndon Abioye |

Chris Brown is trending online after getting trapped mid-air live on stage during a concert.

The incident took place during Breezy’s concert at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, on June 12. He is suspended in the air using rope but the harness appears to malfunction.

He then keeps singing as his back-up dancers perform below but as he dangles in the air, he is seen getting more and more annoyed and stops singing.

He then mouths something to the staff on the left side before continuing the song, and eventually, the staff comes out with a ladder to help him down.

Fans reacted in the comments section.

“We’re supposed to believe he’s a changed man that doesn’t have anger issues when he can’t even laugh off a technical difficulty?” one viewer wrote.

“I hope whoever’s fault it is doesn’t get viciously attacked by Chris Brown. PS: Unless there’s a big settlement involved,” wrote another.

Many fans praised Breezy for continuing to perform despite the hiccup.

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