Chris Brown ‘Faces Arrest If He Returns To Britain’

Tiffany Brockworth |

Chris Brown faces arrest if he steps foot in the United Kingdom after he allegedly smashed a bottle over a producer’s head earlier this year at the famed Tape nightclub in London.

Breezy’s camp reportedly told the cops that he would cooperate, but then he fled the country, although officials were shocked that he was able to leave the country in the first place.

Breezy has been banned from the UK in the past after his widely publicized assault on former partner Rihanna in 2010. The ban was lifted in 2020.

Speaking to The Sun, sources claim that British authorities might be “too embarrassed” to arrest the singer as the Government chose to let him back in. “Two men were due to attend a police station for a voluntary interview on March 29 but did not attend. Enquiries are ongoing to locate them,” the Metropolitan Police said.

In the US, Breezy made headlines after he allegedly got into a physical altercation with Usher at his birthday party.

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