Chris Brown Cuts A Check For Incarcerated Rapper Casanova

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Chris Brown is standing by Casanova who is looking at a long stretch in prison after he took a plea deal.

“Thank you @ChrisBrownOfficial check cleared!” wrote Casanova. “You was one of the first persons to believe in me that will never go over my head!”

Casanova was poised to fight the charges but new paperwork surfaced, showing that Cas’s crew may have snitched on him for a lesser sentence.

“The system is crazy they had me in the box for four months for no reason,” Casanova wrote. “Probably so I can take this plea. As soon as I copped out they moved me straight from court to Essex County without my knowledge and without any of my property, legal work or nothing SMH this is crazy.”

In November, Casanova pleaded not guilty to an attempted murder charge as his co-defendant is in talks to accept a plea deal.

Casanova and Jarrett “Jayecee” Crisler, got into an altercation with a member of the Crips outside of the King of Diamonds on October 24th. According to AllHipHop, the Crip took offense to the gang signs Casanova was flashing.

Crisler, a member of the Untouchable Gorilla Stone Nation, then allegedly shot the gang member and his associate.

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