Chloe Bailey Reacts To Rumors Halle Bailey Is Pregnant

Tiffany Brockworth |

Singer Chloe Bailey has spoken out in defense of her sister after rumors circulated online that the Little Mermaid star is pregnant.

“Wonder if my nails will give anything away about what my outfit is tonight. And y’all better keep my sister’s name out of your mouth. Thank you. Amen. Hallelujah. Sh-t. Got to get me riled the hell up. Anyways. Love you. We don’t play about Halle-lujah,” she said on Instagram Live.

Fans were reacting to a video of Halle seen walking behind DDG during a live video. She had on a baggy white tee and fans thought she had put on a lot of weight across her middle.

Halle and DDG were first rumored to be dating in January 2022 before they made the relationship Instagram official in March. DDG reportedly slid into her DMs.

DGG recently released a song called “Famous” and was dragged online for seemingly throwing shade at Halle.

“They’re calling me a failed rapper right now yea, so it’s starting back up,” he responded. “I want y’all to know, listen, ‘Famous’ is just a song okay? It’s just music y’all. Just how movies is just movies, songs is just songs [sic]. Y’all gotta relax and worry about y’all own stuff, and it’s all entertainment. It’s the entertainment business. Relax, calm down, chill out you know it is what it is, I’m used to getting hated on.”

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