Chloe Bailey FAMILY Drama . . . Fired & DISOWNED HER PARENTS . . . Has A New ‘Mommy’!!

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Chloe Bailey used to be extremely close with her parents – who helped raise Chloe and sister Halley, and introduce the to the entertainment business.

But Media Take Out learned that Chloe and her parents are no longer close. In face, Chloe suggested on social media that she may have “disowned” them.

Chloe’s parents, Courtney and Doug Bailey were the force behind the sisters in the music business. Dog was the girls lawyer and manager, and Courtney worked as the girls music and marketing director and stylist.

Media Take Out confirmed that Chloe has since separated from her parents – and has begun using outside managers, to guide her career. The separation happened around the same time as Chloe and her sister began over-s*xualizing their image

On Twitter spaces yesterday, Chloe Bailey revealed to fans that she’s not close with her parents anymore. She didn’t say exactly what was the cause of the rift. but told listeners that one day she’ll tell her fans why.

Chloe then went on to claim that she’s only close with her Godmother, and calls her mommy.

A year ago Chloe fired her father as her manager and moved out of the house. I noticed then that something was up. Her current manager is Beyoncé’s step brother, Richard Lawson son.

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