Chingy Says Sidney Starr’s LIES ‘Hurt My Career’

Lyndon Abioye |

Chingy is speaking on Sidney Starr’s 2010 claim that they were sleeping together.

Two years later, the transgender reality star admitted the allegations were false, but the rapper says by then, she had already ruined his career.

“When that happened I lost a lot of stuff based off a lie, which was just, that was the most oddest thing I’ve ever seen,” Chingy told TMZ. “Nah, man, when the individual apologized, and it so-called went away, which it took years to blow away, nah, man. Ain’t nothing good happened from that for me.”

He did forgive Starr and accept her apology, but the rapper, who was at the peak of his career when her lies first circulated, is still “hurt.”

“There’s no, I mean to be honest with you, man like it was spilled milk, and I lost a lot from it. That person gained,” he said. “I’m not going, I’m not gonna hold on to something. It is what it is. Apologize. Cool. I’m going this way and let that individual do their thing and a lot of stuff, man. But that situation….that hurt my career. Like I’m just gonna be honest about it.”

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