Chicago Gang GOES VIRAL:Throws 2 Yr Old Toddler In GARBAGE . . . Because He’s The Opps Son!! (Pics)

Gang members in the Chicago area – many who call themselves “demons” – seem to be falling further and further into depravity.

Media Take Out learned that the gang members have a new way of getting at their enemies, or “opps” as they are called on the street.

According to multiple social media reports, the gang members are now targeting their opps’ children – some as young as just 2 years old. The gangs used to leave children out of gang matters. But the new age gang members have thrown that age old restriction away, and are now gang banging in an “anything goes manner.”

Media Take Out learned that one Chi-Raq gang member recently posted video of himself “violating” the 2 year old son of his opps. The social media reports claim that the gang member “caught the 2 year old boy slipping.”

Because the gang member couldn’t get the boy’s father, he decided to “violate” the toddler, by throwing him into a garbage can. And the gang member wanted everyone to know how much of a “demon” that he is . . . so he posted an image of the crime on his social media page.

Media Take Out reached out to the Chicago police for comment on the post. They refused to comment on the incident.

Here’s a picture that was posted online:

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