Charli Baltimore Allegedly Recorded A 50 Cent Diss Mixtape!!

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Charli Baltimore says she once recorded a whole mixtape dissing 50 Cent but that Irv Gotti talked her into shelving it.

“Irv [Gotti] wanted us to just ignore the situation ’cause he felt like we were untouchable. I recorded a whole mixtape going at 50 that Irv kinda shut down,” she said in a recent episode of BET’s docuseries, The Murder Inc. Story.

Irv didn’t want more negativity relating to 50. She says she didn’t agree with his reasons but she took his advice anyway.

“I didn’t feel like that’s how we should handle it because at that point 50 was blowing up in the street. That was our social media back then,” she said.

Irv also revealed he could have signed Fif.

“I should have let 50 Cent sign with Sony or Atlantic, I’m cool with Tommy Mottola. If you sign with him you ain’t f-ckin’ with me. I tell you that for sure,” he said he blocked it until “the point he fell in Eminem’s lap. I can’t call Eminem and block it. Eminem is with Dr. Dre. I can’t call Dr. Dre and block it.”

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