Charleston White Weighs In On Chrisean Rock & Blueface’s Situation

Jacqueline Thomas |

Charleston White is giving his opinion on the ongoing drama between Blueface and Chrisean Rock.

Charleston says the situation would have played out differently had it been back when he was coming up.

“Back then, you told the police man she done something wrong and you convince the police she done something wrong you get to whoop her again. Equal opportunity, equal right, women want the same rights as men. It’s called mutual combative, if you hit me and I hit you and the police show up and we both agree to fight and nobody go to jail. Bitch if you hit me, I’m hitting you, now let’s tell the police we had a mutual combative, so don’t nobody go to jail. Bitch you hit me,” he told Akademiks.

He says that this generation is becoming desensitized to pain.

“We are turning a blind eye and we lack compassion because it’s happening to a Black man and it ain’t happening to a woman. If it was the other way around there’s no way we would cheer this. We watched this chick split this man head open.”

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