Charleston White Wants To Know Why Wack 100 Knows All Of Hip Hop’s ‘Gay Secrets?

Charleston White questioned how Wack 100 knows all of hip hop’s gay secrets after Wack claimed Bobby Shmurda liked transgender women and offered to set him up with a trans model named Naughty.

“How the f-ck does Wack 100 get all the gay secrets? Who is trusting the straight n-gga with the gay vault? How he get the gay vault secrets? He know about Nipsey Hussle sucking dick. Say, how does this n-gga Wack 100 get everybody secrets about they dick?” he asked.

Charleston then went a step further, accusing Wack of being under cover. “What punk he layin’ wit? What punk whispered in his ear all the punk secrets? ‘Cause say homie, can’t no straight n-gga call another straight n-gga gay. It take a punk, don’t it?”

“@itsbobbyshmurda We have somebody to your liking. @naughtynerdninja is a open Transgender woman. Very respectful. Come to the 100 emoji show on @clubhouse and you can meet #Naughty,” Wack wrote to Bobby earlier this week. “Don’t say I didn’t look out for you !! WE KNOW WHAT U LIKE.”

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