Charleston White Trolls Gillie Da Kid Over His Dead Son!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Charleston White is known for dragging people’s kids into his beef, but fans think he took things to far after he mocked Gillie Da Kid’s dead son during a livestream.

Gillie Da Kid’s son, YNG Cheese, was killed in a triple shooting in Philadelphia last July. Cheese was shot once in the back and taken to the hospital by police. He was later pronounced dead.

Charleston was mad after Gillie called him a “snitch.” Charleston has called the cops on more than one rapper in the past.

“You got a dead son and you talking about snitching, n-gga! Pow, that n-gga shot your son in the head. I remember how you and Wallo were crying. ‘Oh my son! my son got killed.’ Now you talking about snitching. You god damn right I’m a law-abiding citizen. That’s why your son unalive,” he said.

Before the clip is over, Charleston adds that Gillie’s son is “ dead with maggots coming out his ass and that Cheese should “rest in p*ss.”

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