Charleston White To J. Prince: Suck My D*ck!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Charleston White went off on another rant against Houston’s J. Prince on social media.

Charleston responded to rumors that a comedy show in Houston was canceled because of Prince. He denied the reports, saying he did not have a show booked in the city, before dragging J. Prince.

“Houston Police Department… I see y’all scared of Rap-A-Lot. I see why that boy got killed out there. I see why they able to do the things that they do out there in Houston: the police got pussy. I’m starting to think they on the payroll of James Prince and Rap-A-Lot Records. I think that’s what’s happening down there,” he said in one of the clips.

He continued: “J. Prince can suck my d-ck. Mob Ties/Rap-A-Lot gangstas can suck my d-ck. You Houston n-ggas can suck my d-ck. I don’t give a f-ck about none of you bitch ass n-ggas. It’s Texas n-gga on mine! I run this sh-t. Shut yo bitch ass up, J. Prince. I’m still talkin’ sh-t. I made J Prince go snitch on me. You talking on a murder investigation. James Prince, shut yo bitch ass up; and I’m talking to Senior, n-gga.”

J. Prince has not responded, but fans say Charleston White should tread carefully.

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