Charleston White Says Nipsey Hussle Apology Video Is ‘Fake’

Charleston White says a new video circulating the internet of him apologizing to late rapper Nipsey Hussle is fakeā€¦because it’s a year old.

“I made that fake apology when we go to Atlanta,” White said. “That fake Nipsey Hussle apology is from last year.”

In the apology video, White says: “I want to apologize to Nip. And the reason I’m apologizing, ‘cuz the Crip n-ggaa came to me. I ain’t gon ask y’all to forgive me because I know most of y’all have unforgiving hearts.”

White is a former Crip. He no longer associates with the gang and once said “F-ck Nipsey Hussle.”

White also said “Death to all Crips and Bloods. Death to all GDs and BDs. May they all die like King Von. May they all die like Drakeo The Ruler. May they all die like Nipsey Hussle.”

White recently got into an altercation with Soulja boy and allegedly maced the rapper in the face. He then threatened to take legal action against Soulja for alleged threats he’d received.

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