Charleston White Says He Would Have Shot Man Who Tried To Fight Yella Beezy

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Charleston White has responded to the video of a man who recorded himself almost getting into a fight with Yella Beezy in a parking lot.

Yella Beezy was standing outside an office building near the passenger door of his SUV, arguing with the man.

“All you gotta do is come up here,” Beezy is heard telling the stranger.

“We can go over here, right in the grass. I’m right here. I’m naked,” he responds.

“I ain’t gon’ shoot, all you gotta do is come over here,” Beezy responds as he walks toward the man. “Come swing on me first,” Beezy tells him.

The man refuses to throw a punch after seeing the outline of a gun in Beezy’s pants.

After calling the man several racial slurs, Charleston says that even though he is not a Yella Beezy fan, if he were in the rapper’s position, he would have opened fire on him. Charleston even went as far as to say Yella should have killed him.

Viewers did not agree.

Watch the clip above.

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