Charleston White Says 2Pac Is The Reason He Turned To God

Lyndon Abioye |

Charleston White have 2Pac his flowers in a new interview, saying it was his music that made him want to have a relationship with God.

“You hear Mama talking about praying and God this, but it don’t make sense from mama. And this is something she’s tryna indoctrinate you with. But man, here 2Pac come along and he started referencing God. And prior to that, as a kid, I don’t ever recall rappers really making a lot of references to God. So he gave God a light in my life – 2Pac did,” the comedian said on Bag Chasers with Anton Daniels.

He continued: “One of the most prolific things 2Pac said was that he may not be the person to change the world, but he was going to spark the brain. And I would like to think that I was that brain.”

The comedian recently had a show scheduled on New York but the show, that was organized by DJ Akademiks, was canceled after he went on a racist tirade against Asians.

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