Charleston White Makes DISGUSTING Threats … To Podcaster Math Hoffa’s 6 Yr Old Daughter!

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Internet personality Charleston White officially took things too far, and may be facing criminal charges because of his reckless talk.

Media Take Out learned that Charleston has been making some very disturbing comments about one of his rival’s 6 year old daughter.

Charleston has been involved in a very public feud with Math Hoffa, a New York rapper who recently launched a very successful podcast.

Math refused to allow Charleston on his podcast, because of the many controversial things that Charleston says, and Charleston responded by getting into a war of words with Math.

Math Hoffa on Drink Champs

The two went back and forth on social media, but then Charleston turned the disrespect from Math, to his 6 year old daughter. Charleston made a series of very disturbing comments, claiming that he planned to s**ually assault the 6 year old child.

We can’t even repeat or summarize the terrible thing that he said. But you can her it for yourself on Youtube:

Charleston White’s words could be considered criminal under Texas law, Media Take Out confirmed.  In Texas, where Charleston is located, the law defines stalking as when someone knowingly engages in behavior that someone else would find threatening, and that would cause a reasonable person to be afraid. Stalking is treated as a 3rd degree felony, which means that it is often punishable with a prison sentence. 

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