Charleston White Confused By All Of The Diddy Hate

Lyndon Abioye |

Charleston White says he does not understand why people want Diddy behind bars even after the video of him savagely beating and kicking his ex-girlfriend Cassie was released by CNN.

“This is all I’m gonna say. She wanted some money. Obviously, she didn’t want Puffy to go jail. Why are y’all wishin’ jail on Puffy? Not one time did that girl call the police on P. Diddy, Sean Combs, Brother Love,” the comedian said.

“Not one time. I know a lot of relationships, all they do is fight and f*ck, f*ck and fight. Sometimes I know a n*gga get in a relationship so long n*ggas start a good fight so we can do some good f*ckin’ and after the n*gga get tired of good f*ckin’ the other n*gga go back to doing some good fightin’,” he added.

Charleston tried to defend Diddy by saying that plenty of people are in toxic relationships.

“So all I’m sayin’ is, n*gga you ain’t never had a billion dollars. Ain’t no tellin’ how I might treat my b*tch if I get a billion dollars, n*gga, please. The f*ck is you talkin’ about? N*gga, you broke and be wanting to kick your b*tches a*s!”

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