Charleston White Claims He Pulled ‘Fake’ Gun Out During Interview

Last week, Charleston White went viral for pulling a gun out during an interview… this week, he says it was fake.

“That was not a real gun, for one. That was one of them AR soft muthaf-ckin’ pistols. Yeah yeah, they talking about, ‘That n-gga pulled out a real gun.’ Man, I don’t know what y’all doin’. Every time my camera come on, every time the audio come on – I’m playing,” he said of the incident involving Chicago’s DJ Univercity.

He continued, “‘He playing?’ Yeah I’m playing. I’m playing dangerous, n-gga. I don’t give a damn about playing dangerous. They pay for this kinda sh-t. And guess what? I call it hazardous pay.”

Last week, he became enraged when the interviewer asked why he didn’t financially support King Von’s mother the way he did FBG Duck’s. He claimed it was because Von was a killer.

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