Charles Barkley DRAGS ‘Loser’ Football Fans Whining About Taylor Swift

Lyndon Abioye |

Charles Barkley is tired of NFL fans complaining about Taylor Swift.

Some fans believe the singer has ruined football after she started dating Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce in the summer of 2023.

“If you’re screaming at Taylor Swift saying she ruined [football], you’re just a loser. You’re just a loser or a jackass. You’re either A or B. You’re one of the two,” he said on his King Charles show.

Gayle King thinks Swift is actually helping the sport.

“You see young teen girls watching football for the first time,” said Gayle.

Charles chimed in, adding, “Because they don’t like something about Taylor Swift. Either they don’t like the Chiefs or they’ve inferred that Taylor Swift might not be a Trumper…then they’re annoyed by Taylor Swift,” he declared. “I can guarantee that all this news on Fox News would not be happening if she was wearing a MAGA hat. They would love it.”

Are the Swifties helping or harming football?

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