Charles Barkley Blasts Ja Morant Defenders

Tiffany Brockworth |

Charles Barkley lashed out against people defending Ja Morant following his second NBA suspension in just a few months.

“We got some idiots, some fools, some jackasses on television that really just piss me off, talking about ‘Ja should make a stand,’ saying ‘he didn’t break any laws, he didn’t do anything wrong, we’re in a state where you can carry your gun.’ Those guys are just…they’re just freaking idiots,” 60-year-old Barkley said on Inside the NBA.

Several celebrities have spoken out in defense of Morant, as have his fans, but Barkley says he is throwing his career away and should walk away if that’s how he wants to behave.

He continued, “It pisses me off when I hear guys say that. Man, when you’re making $100 million a year to play sports, your life changes. There are certain rules and regulations you have to live by, plain and simple, you can’t do stupid stuff, that’s the trade off. Now, if you wanna do all that stuff and give all that money back, more power to you, you can make that stance. … But you can’t make money on the NBA doing that stuff.”

Y’all agree?

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